"Demonstrate or support the truth or value of."

Its an odd word, intermingling the concepts of value and truth.

If I validate myself, I add truth and value to myself?

I like this very much.
As someone who has not been allowed to have their own version of the truth,
or have actions, skills, traits, personality, anything which has been perceived as having value, It seems odd I did not realise I can validate myself.

I will say that I have value.
That what I do has value.
That what I am is valuable.

I should not need others to validate me - or tell me the value of what I am.

Even if the only thing that I am doing is something which makes me happy,
not something which has commercial saleable value.
This is a valid thing.
It has value because my happiness and well-being have value.

Why would I dither over this concept? It seems so very obvious yet I have avoided valuing myself and my needs. Because there is always something more "Worthy" needs doing
What I mean by this is:
For-filling the needs of someone else,
some unknown outside overseer who I imagine is constantly judging me.
Its the whole "Voice in the head" thing.

You can only have fun once all the jobs are done - and if you absorb that
and allow what are 'jobs' to be defined by an outside force such as parents, school, society, employment...and best of all that nagging judgmental voice in your head,
then there is never time for fun.

Its like Alice's tea party, when there is always the promise of jam tomorrow,
but Jam never actually arrives, because its never tomorrow.

So I think I need to be a little more mindful of myself, and make sure that there is occasionally Jam Today